Time for James Bond to go Bald

What can we expect of the next James Bond? The question is wide open now that Daniel Craig has left the stage, and given the rather definitive nature of his exit, we can expect not only a new actor in the part but a whole new character and story arc as well. Speculation is rife already – No Time to Die is out on DVD and is now movie history after all – so here is some more. It is time for James Bond 007 to go bald.

Five Ancient Consolations for Baldies

I know. I know. There is nothing that rams home the loss of your youth more brutally than the sight of your ever-balder scalp in the morning mirror. It is the daily reminder – as if you needed one – that you are not the man that once you were, your diminishing crop of hair acting as a metaphor for vitality that is ebbing away and opportunities that are long past and lost forever